Educational Effect


Children can develop spontaneity to transform experience into knowledge by repetitively touching, feeling and connecting blocks for developmental characteristics of infants and toddlers who just want to build them.

Eye-hand Coordination Development

As children connect and take apart blocks with their hands, they can gradually develop their hand and arm abilities and fine motor skills in their hands, so they can show what they think in their hands.

Discrimination Development

Children can distinguish between same things and different things and learn meanings of classification and combination by color discrimination and shape discrimination.

Confident Thinking by Imagination

As children make what they experience and imagine, they imitate their friends and this peer imitation forms other creative thinking and transforms it into knowledge.

Problem Solving Skills

Co-Block maximizes children’s curiosity and improves their abilities to create and solve problems by themselves.

Physical Development

Its clear red, blue, yellow and green and soft texture stimulate children’s sense of sight and touch.